Sullivans Cove Single Malt Whisky 700ML Limited Edition
1,880.00 1,880.00 1880.0 AUD
Registered Cask No. TD1229-TD1234
Date of Fill 05/12/2016
Overeem Red Wine Cask Whisky Barrel #100
490.00 490.00 490.0 AUD
The Old Kempton Single Malt Solera 500ml
265.00 265.00 265.0 AUD
Belgrove Hopped Malt Whisky 500ml 61.7%
260.00 260.00 260.0 AUD

61.7% Acc/Vol

Beautiful and complex floral nose, if you didn’t know it was from hops one could imagine being aged in a sauterne cask.
Quite fruity but we’ll balanced taste. Very little bitterness that some might expect from the hops.
Long sweet malty finish.
Corra Linn Single Malt Whisky 53%
239.00 239.00 239.0 AUD
Barrel No: 61
The Tasmanian climate may not be so good for all year round for warm weather based activities, although it does make whisky drinkers of the world happy. The cooler climate has the capacity to craft the perfect barrel, this is due to the diurnal range which is a fancy word for the temperate range between the maximum and the minimum. This optimal climate also allows for other ingredients to grow to it’s full potential. Corra Lin Distillery separates themselves from other distilleries because of the the barley that can be grown in Northern Tasmania particularly is distinct and unique in it’s flavour. Water in Tasmania is also some of the cleanest around the world, making it one of the purest ingredients of Tasmanian Whisky.
Ironhouse Port Cask Whisky
236.00 236.00 236.0 AUD
Aged 4yrs in Portuguese sourced Port barrels and re-conditioned in Tasmania, our pure Tasmanian Single Malt Port Cask is an enticing drop. The initial pour sits in the glass with a reddish orange ember hue and greets the nose with a stone fruit, bold red wine and buttery, yet sweetened spiced aroma.
A palate of red berried wines, dried dark fruit, orange zest, hazelnut oak warmth with a touch of sweet dark chocolate and ruby tobacco.

This water of life tells a story, hence our Tasman Whisky is housed within in a gift box worthy of the high quality tomes of old. Its sits ready to be shelved as a volume of flavour, truly highlighting our subtle differences the salt air wafting through the distillery brings.

Ready to be housed among your valued collection
Overeem Single Malt Port Cask 700ml
220.00 220.00 220.0 AUD
Straight Batt Single Malt Whisky 500ml
220.00 220.00 220.0 AUD
Spring Bay Bourbon Cask Whisky 700ml
215.00 215.00 215.0 AUD
7K Single Malt Whisky Sherry
215.00 215.00 215.0 AUD
Belgrove Rye Whisky Pinot Cask 500ml
215.00 215.00 215.0 AUD

60% alv/vol 3rd release Pinot Noir cask matured

Belgrove Rye aged in ex Tasmanian Pinot casks. Think dark chocolate, vanilla, christmas cake, spice, stewed stone fruits, . Sweet, spicy (toasted cinnamon and nutmeg) and oily. Finishes like a fine whisky should.
Hunnington Tripple Distilled Single Malt
210.00 210.00 210.0 AUD
Spring Bay Sherry Cask Whisky 700ml
210.00 210.00 210.0 AUD
Colour: Dark Copper
Nose: Caramel & raisins
Palate: Lifted floral notes, caramel and dried fruit sweetness with some white
pepper savory hints
Finish: Delicious long and slightly dry finish which is indicative of some very
fine old wood. A slightly smokey note that suggests peat but comes
from the heavy cask charring
Spring Bay Sherry Cask Whisky 700ml
205.00 205.00 205.0 AUD
7K Single Malt Whisky Pinot
198.00 198.00 198.0 AUD