2017 Quiet Mutiny 'Charlotte's Elusion' Riesling

2017 Quiet Mutiny 'Charlotte's Elusion' Riesling

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In the year 1806 a convict woman named Charlotte Badger was transported to Van Diemen's Land aboard the Venus. During this voyage Charlotte staged a mutiny, seizing the ship and sailing off to New Zealand. in this quiet mutiny, she was a pirate, an adventurer, a woman treading her own path. Charlotte Badgers bold actions inspired our own embarquement of Quiet Mutiny in this fabled land.

In 2017 Greer Carland obtained some small parcels of stunning Tasmanian fruit and the Quiet Mutiny was born.

Derwent Valley
44 Doz
25% wild ferment, 25% skin contact.
Bone dry (R0)
Dry, musk, derwent valley florals and citrus.
Wild ferment gives great texture.