Liquid Rock 'N' Roll Nebbiolo 2016
28.00 28.00 28.0 AUD
Swan HIll VIctoria
Alex Byrne and KIm Farrell
Bright,young drinking wine, intense vibrant colour
Fruit and spicy
Drink slightly chilled in a park
Silent Noise Montepuciano
29.00 29.00 29.0 AUD
Tomfoolery Young Blood Shiraz 2019
29.00 29.00 29.0 AUD
The old adage, "If youth only knew; if age only could" has been attributed to many great thinkers. With each passing generation, a legacy of wisdom is passed down from the old guard to the next crop, the gift of knowledge from those who know how, to those who can. The Young Blood Shiraz is our dedication to those who paved the way for you future, and our commitment to doing the same thing when the time comes.
Silent Noise G.S.Z. 2017
29.00 29.00 29.0 AUD
An awesome blend of Shiraz, Grenache and Zinfandel.
The noise from the glass is all about juicy red berry fruit and spice.
Vegan Friendly
Tomfoolery Young Blood Grenache
33.00 33.00 33.0 AUD
Battle of Bosworth Puritan Shiraz
34.00 34.00 34.0 AUD
Somos Tintito 2020
34.00 34.00 34.0 AUD
Shiny Wines Pinot Noir
35.00 35.00 35.0 AUD
Somos Cabernet Franc 2019
35.00 35.00 35.0 AUD
Leafy & Juicy

​SUB REGION: Willunga
VINEYARD: Slate Creek
WINEMAKING: A little vineyard in Willunga, picked in two waves, one early and herbaceous, one later for generosity, blended to make one complete wine. Wild fermented, pressed early to old oak and then bottled after 9 months.

Waterton Hall Shiraz
36.00 36.00 36.0 AUD
Smallfry Jellyfish Shiraz 2020
36.00 36.00 36.0 AUD
Swinging Gate Pinot Noir 2020
36.00 36.00 36.0 AUD
Hughes & Hughes Solstice 2021
36.00 36.00 36.0 AUD
Product Description
Fruit from White Rock vineyard in the North West, picked between 11 and 11.5 baume. A novello red made from Dornfelder (50%), Pinot noir (25%), Riesling (15%), and Chardonnay (10%). Co-fermented with one third whole bunch Dornfelder on top of whole berries. Bottled unfined, unfiltered with no added sulphur. Alc 12.5%

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Tasting Notes
Aromas of blackberries, wild strawberries, cranberries and florals. Soft tannins, bright acid and mouth filling juicy fruits make for a nourish wine that will suit a light chill.

Alpha Box & Dice Lazarus
37.00 37.00 37.0 AUD
Jamsheed Mataro
38.00 38.00 38.0 AUD
Sonnen Rivers Pinot Syrah 2020
38.00 38.00 38.0 AUD
Chatto Mania Pinot Noir 2020
38.00 38.00 38.0 AUD
Mobbile Bruce Cabernet 2019
38.00 38.00 38.0 AUD
Iron Pot Bay Pinot Meunier 2017
39.00 39.00 39.0 AUD